We provide services linking people and society through vehicles.

Digital Marketing


We are building the foundations of the system environments needed to provide diverse information wanted by customers.

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Solution Business


Solution Business provide support from all possible directions that allow for safe car-life starting with an emotional purchasing experience.

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Telematics offers a variety of information and services using navigation systems, GPS, and other in-vehicle equipment and communications systems.

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Smart Community


The aim of Smart Community is to connect to networks thatlink vehicles and create mechanisms for the effective use of energy.

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The Role as New Business Division Considering the Automobile Market Overall

The status of the car is currently changing, so we have to produce services by taking into consideration how automobile industry should be in the future as a whole. Even so, our services will have an impact on the world and will please some people. The sense of purpose and uplift is going to be my motivation.

Hiroyuki Maehira, Department Manager
Social Community Department,
Smart Community Business Division

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  • August 9, 2017
    Notice of Change in Corporate Name, Affiliated Company, United States-based Toyota Connected, Inc.

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